Torch Caviar Sauce Blend Disposable | 4.5g


Torch Caviar Sauce Blend Disposable | 4.5g

Another new high-potency product line from the Torch team, Caviar Sauce line Blend Disposable 4.5g was just released. The benefits of the Torch Caviar Sauce range are based on a tried-and-true trio of cannabinoids.

A calming and potent combination of Delta 8 THC, THCP, and CBG is present in each 4.5g device. For an added layer of power, Torch has also added caviar sauce concentrate to this combination. Users of this combination can anticipate a wide variety of entourage effects. The main benefits of this combination are deep, all-over relaxation and mood improvement. 

Even though this is Torch's first 4.5g gadget, they used the same concepts and included the same incredible features as they did on all of their previous devices. Each gadget is portable and small for convenient use while on the go. Each disposable uses a button that must be depressed five times before being triggered again.