EBCreate BC5000 Thermal Edition Disposable 1 Ct



A visually arresting impression is produced by the vape's unique thermal color shifting finish, which enables the colors to vary in reaction to body temperature. The vaporizer's silky, matte surface provides a satisfying physical sensation.  For those seeking the best vaping experience conceivable, the EB Create BC5000 Thermal Edition Disposable Vape is ideal. The gadget can go longer between charges because of its larger 650mah battery. Better and more consistent flavor is delivered via an improved twin coil. The BC5000 provides the ideal vaping experience, with 50 mg of nicotine in every 9.5 ml of juice and a nicotine level of 5%. USB Type C can be used to quickly charge the device.

  • E-Liquid Capacity 9.5ml
  • Nicotine Strength 5% (50mg)
  • 650mAh Battery
  • Type-C Rechargeable
  • 5000 Puffs