MYA Econo QT Hookah 1ct


About MYA ECONO QT Hookah

An excellent, reasonably priced substitute for the QT Mya Hookah is the Mya Econo QT. The Mya Econo QT comes with a spherical black basket, a molded aluminum stem, a classic glass base, and many colors. Mya Hookah aims to offer fair and cheap prices without sacrificing quality. With the use of stem adaptors that make use of the auto-seal technology, any Mya QT hookah may be transformed into several hoses. When there are several users, the auto-seal technology removes the need for flip caps or rubber stoppers. We suggest the MYA Econo QT to customers searching for a compact yet useful hookah for use in groups or on their own. 


Wire Cage Height: 11" tall
Base: 5" tall
Stem: 6" tall
Stem Hose Capability: 2 Hoses (Only 1 included with the package)