Numb Delta 9 THC+THCP Edibles 200MG 10ct/pack | 1pack


Numb Delta 9 Edibles 200MG 10ct/pack 

"Indulge in Numb Delta 9 Edibles - Delta Brownies, the perfect way to elevate your relaxation game. Each pack contains 10 delectable edibles, each infused with a soothing 20mg dose of Delta 9. These brownies are designed to satisfy your palate and enhance your chill experience. Elevate your mellow with these entertaining and delicious Delta 9 edibles!"

  • Numb Delta 9 Edibles
  • Delta Brownies
  • 200MG 10ct/pack
  • 10 Edibles per pack
  • 20mg per Edible
  • Relaxation
  • Chill experience
  • Delicious Delta 9 edibles