Zen Power

Zen Power Shot Focus & Mood Optimizer 2 Oz Shot


Elevate your energy, mood, and focus with Zen Pwer. Our active ingredients fuel your best performance every day. Choose from 20ct Bottle, 2 oz Shot, or 2 pk options for your convenience. Seize your potential with Zen Power!

Take control of your energy level, while boosting your mood and increasing your focus and mental clarity.  Active ingredients help you perform at your best every day.  Stay focused.. think sharper.. feel more ENERGIZED !

Zen Power is available in multiple options. You can select from 20ct Bottle - 6ct Box, 2 oz Shot - 12ct Box, 2 pk - 24ct PP


  • Euphoria Awareness Optimizer
  • Optimize your Mood and Well Being
  • Excellent for focusing on getting the Job done
  • Increase Focus
  • Mood Enhancer
  • Elevates touch & Feel
  • Stress and Anxiety Relieve