Lipht Delta 8 Rechargeable Disposable 2 Grams 2000MG 1ct

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Lipht Disposable Delta 8 2 Grams 2000MG
Nature and Science combined to bring you the absolute best quality, pharmaceutically formulated Delta 8 THC for everyday use. Lipht works along with your body to boost your style to your fullest extent. We understand that there is a plethora of delta 8 options on the market for our customers, that is why we have focused on utilizing Pharmaceutical grade delta8 that have had countless hours of research, development and testing poured into them, to raise the standard of delta 8 quality. We also incorporate synergistic ingredients to our delta 8 to enhance effects. You deserve the best the market has to offer.
Inspired by your favorite strains, Lipht delta 8 disposables comes in several ever-popular flavors such as Girl Scout Cookies, Blue Zkittles, and more.