Modus Iced Out Limited Edition Devices | 2gm 1 Ct


Modus Iced Out Limited Edition | 2gm

The latest Iced Out Blend from Modus Brand is here to give you an uplifting cannabis experience unlike anything you've ever seen before, these limited edition disposable devices are packed with a special blend of premium CBD extracts and cannabis derived terpenes (CDT).

The components of the Modus Iced Out Blend, Delta 8 Liquid Diamonds, THC-JD, THC-P, and CDT, are all derived from premium hemp plants produced in the United States. Every batch of Modus goods are subjected to independent laboratory testing to guarantee its potency, purity, and safety.

Additional Information:

  • Forbidden Crack (Sativa) Air Device: This hybrid strain gives you a symphony of deep berry undertones, followed by whispers of tropical fruit and subtle earthy tones. 
  • Guava Sherbet (Hybrid) Air Device: The perfect blend of sweet and tart, this hybrid strain has a strong burst of tropical guava flavor that is rounded out with creamy undertones
  • Blue Diamond OG (Indica) Slim Device: This hybrid is as potent as it is delicious with its rich and earthy base, complemented by hits of sweet berries and notes of pine. 
  • Emerald Runtz (Hybrid) Slim Device: Bursting with fruity flavor, this balanced hybrid strain gives you a sweet pop of tropical citrus and sour berries in every puff. 
  • Lemon Cherry Nerdz (Sativa) Slim Device: A delightful dance of tart and sweet, Lemon Cherry Nerdz is a hybrid strain that explodes with zesty lemon complemented by ripe cherry notes, rounded out by a sugary candy finish. 
  • Princess Cut (Indica) Slim Device: This indica strain has distinct floral notes along with a bouquet of fresh garden herbs and a subtle hint of peppery spice
  • White Roll Upz (Sativa) Slim Device: This invigorating indica strain gets its name from its intense tangy fruit flavors, underscored by hints of creamy vanilla.